Big Belt Hut

Lodging on the Baldy ridgeline at 8,500 feet

Getting to and around the Big Belt Hut

The Big Belt Hut is located about 2.8 miles miles up trail 151 from the top of Duck Creek Pass. Click the maps on this page to download them and help you get to the hut. You can also find our winter maps here.

Install these maps on your phone!

Do this before you leave your house, once installed, you do not need to have cell service for the maps to work

  1. View this page on your phone at
  2. Download Avenza Maps for iOS or Android.
  3. Open the following maps on your phone:
  4. Click on the share icon and choose "Copy to Avenza Maps" for each map

These maps are now copied to the Avenza Maps app and when you are in the area, a blue dot will show your exact location.

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