Winter Recreation in the Big Belts

The Big Belt Hut is the perfect basecamp for skiing on Mt. Baldy this winter. The hut can comfortably accomodate up to 15 people.


In the winter, The Big Belt Hut costs (per night):
- $55 per person for adults (age 16+)
- $25 for teens 12 - 16
- Kids under 12 stay free!

Weekend / Weekday minimums ensure that bookings are exclusive to a single party.

Winter Minimums
(Sun - Thurs)
(Fri, Sat, Holiday)
$220 minimum
(or 4 people)
$330 minimum
(or 6 people)

Nightly minimums allow us to keep bookings exclusive such that you do not share the hut with another party.

Getting to the Hut

The hut sits 3 miles past the non-motorized boundary at the top of Duck Creek Pass. There is no motorized access to the hut.

Winter road maintenance stops 7 miles before the top of the pass, so getting to the hut is either a 10 mile ski or a 7 mile snowmobile + 3 mile ski.

Your booking confirmation comes with all the maps and information you'll need to get to the hut. Trail 151 goes directly from the top of the pass to the hut.

Gear Haul + Tow

Take the weight off your back and have us tow you and your gear up the 7 miles of road from the parking lot to the non-motorized boundary at the top of the pass. The gear haul reduces the total ski approach from ~10 miles to just under 3!

Our gear-hauling toboggans are 28" wide, 96" long, and 16" deep. Max 400 lbs. each trip. We do not haul gear all the way to the yurt due to motorized restrictions.

Ensure gear haul is available for your trip, view the 2018-2019 Big Belt Hut Gear Haul Blackout Dates.

Gear Haul Pricing
First Toboggan Additional Toboggans
Haul + Tow In $250 $200 each.
Haul + Tow Out $250 $200 each.

The ski out is primarily downhill, however we are happy to meet you at the top of the pass and provide the same gear haul and tow back to your cars.

See the maps below for more information on the winter terrain!

Visit our maps page for more access and terrain information.

Alert: May & June Access

Duck Creek Pass closes to snowmobiles on May 15. During low snow years, it may be difficult to drive a snowmobile to the top of the pass in early May. On big snow years, wheeled-vehicle access to the top of the pass in late May may not yet be possible.

If you book during these times, please be prepared for these potential challenges which may lengthen the non-motorized portion of your approach. Conditions will change rapidly depending on the weather and we will make sure to get you the best information available at the time of your trip.