Big Belt Hut

Lodging on the Baldy ridgeline at 8,500 feet

Winter in the Big Belts

The Big Belt Hut is the perfect basecamp for skiing on Mt. Baldy this winter. The hut can comfortably accommodate up to 15 people.

In the winter, The Big Belt Hut costs $300 per weeknight and $400 per weekend night, up to 8 people. An additional $50/person charge beyond 8 people.

Getting to the Hut in the Winter

The hut is located 3 miles up non-motorized trail 151, which starts at the top of Duck Creek Pass. There is no motorized access within 3 miles of the hut.

Winter road maintenance stops 7.5 miles before the top of the pass, so getting to the hut is either a 10.5 mile ski or a 7.5 mile snowmobile ride + 3 mile ski or snowshoe.

Skiers making their way up the road (March 2019).

Snowmobile Tow + Porter Service

Let us take the load off your back! We can provide a snowmobile shuttle that includes hauling you and your equipment up the 7.5 miles of road to the non-motorized boundary at the pass. From there, we offer a porter service to help haul your gear the remaining 3 miles to the hut.

The snowmobile tow costs $80 per person (minimum $240). Porter service costs $100 per 50 lbs.

The 7.5 miles of road is best traveled by snow machine.

Skiing into the hut past the non-motorized boundary follows Forest Service Trail 151 for 3 miles and climbs 1,000' feet.

Mt. Baldy looking proud in the Spring (May 2019).

Visit our maps page for more access and terrain information.

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